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Technical Education

Please feel free to email your teacher for support or to send in work. You will find his/her email address here.

S1 and S2 Homework Week 6 - Measure and Make

Woodwork Homework Week 5

S3 Graphics Homework Week 5

S3 Design Homework Week 5

S2 Design Homework Week 5

S1 Graphics Homework Week 5

S3 Woodwork Week 4

S3 Graphics Week 4

S3 Design Week 4

N5 Design Workbook Week 4

N5 Design Notes Week 4

S1 Graphics Task Week 4

S2 Design Task Week 4

S3 Practical Woodwork Week 3 

S3 Design and Manufacture Week 3

S3 Graphics Week 3

N5 Workbook (Notes 12-15) 20 April 2020

N5 Design and Manufacture (Notes 12-15) 20 April 2020

BGE Home Learning Task - Task 3 - WB 20th April 2020

S4 woodwork - Wood notes

N5 Practical Woodwork Sheets 1-4

S4 Practical woodwork Weeks 1&2 Task Instructions

S5 & S6 Metalwork Task Instructions Weeks 1&2

S5 & S6 Metalwork Question Booklet

S5 & S6 Metalwork Course Notes

S3 Woodwork Week 1 and 2 Task Instructions

S3 Woodwork Health and Safety Booklet

N5 Design Workbook 6-11

N5 Design Workbook 1-5

N5 Design notes 6-11

N5 Design notes 1-5

S3 Design week 2 (Miss Litster)

S3  Design week 1 (Miss Litster)

S3 Woodwork week 1 (Miss Litster)

S3 Woodwork week 2 (Miss Litster)

S2 Week 2 Design Lesson - Function

S2 Week 1 Graphics Lesson - Lettering

S1 Week 2 Design Lesson - Function

S1  Week 1 Graphics Lesson -Function

S3 Design and Manufacture (Research Initial Ideas)

S3 Graphics Week 1

S3 Graphics Week 2