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House Leadership

Our five school Houses each have a patron whose charism is reflected in the work of our House Leadership Teams.  We encourage all young people to live by the principles of our Catholic Faith and that of our House Patrons.  We also encourage all young people to join our House Leadership Teams. 

Each House Charism reflects the characteristics of the Patron:  

Saint Andrew House                                                                                    

Our Charism: Andrew’s charism was strength and determination in body, mind and soul                                                                               

Our Vision Statement:                                                                                                                 

“A future where pupils feel motivated , encouraged, safe and know there is always someone there for them”                                                    

Our Mission Statement:                                                                                                                                                          

“To support the healthy minds of all young people in Saint Mungo’s Academy“     

Saint Francis House                                                                                                             

Our Charism: Caring for all God‘s Creation                                                                             

Our Vision Statement                                                                                                                                            

”Create and support a sustainable community” 

Our Mission Statement                                                                                                                                   

”Reduce waste by using resources to their fullest potential”

Saint Enoch House                                                                                                            

Our Charism : To support and engage with families in the school community.

Our Vision Statement                                                                              

“Using the strength, courage and sacrifice of Saint Enoch, Saint Mungo’s Academy will be a family school where pupils and their families are included, supported  and involved”                    

 Our Mission Statement

“To make sure that vulnerable families in our school community are supported without judgment and to raise awareness of the difficult circumstances people may face in life.”

Saint Ninian House                                                                    

Our Charism: Building community through Christian  Education                                                                                              

 Our Vision Statement                                                                   

”Improved success through strengthened relationships and a sense of community”  

 Our Mission Statement                                                                                                                                          

”We create community in our school and local area”

Brother Walfrid House                                                       

Our Charism : Generosity                                                                          

Our Vision Statement                                                                                                                                                     

“That everyone will feel safe and welcome and be able to be their true selves”  

Our Mission Statement                                                                                                                                                

”Offering a warm Walfrid Welcome; organising and promoting clubs and safe  places for pupils; being there for others through charity”


Our House Leadership Teams have undertaken the following work to demonstrate their commitment to our community and to school improvement.

St. Andrew House leaders are continuing to explore new ways to promote positive mental well-being across St. Mungo's Academy.  They have provided Tutor classes with mindfulness activities to use during tutor time and are also working together on ways to raise money for SCIAF during Lent and Advent.  They also presented on COP26 activities because all young people deserve a safe place to live.  

St Enoch House has focused on spreading awareness of our schools Period Poverty campaign.  Sanitary products are available in the girls' bathrooms as well as staff bathrooms for free.  In partnership with Glasgow City council an App called PickupmyPeriod was launched to help young women and their families locate sanitary products out of school.  This App gives our young people a map of the city with marked locations which shows where products will be available for free.   

St Francis House work is based around our Charism of caring for all God’s creations. In the past year they have worked towards and will be continuing their project of gaining an Eco Schools Green Flag, focusing on litter, biodiversity and wellbeing, aiming to protect the right of future generations to a clean and safe environment.  They have also worked with Glasgow City Council cleansing department to address some of these areas.   St Francis leaders also examined the equalities act protected characteristics and discussed how these matched with the House charism of "Caring for all God's creations."  They have been planning the creation of recycled bird feeders, bug hotels and an art project in our local community garden.   

St Ninian House Leaders worked towards building community by being strong advocates for faith and supporting others by being Christian-like towards others.  They raised funds for those less fortunate through Lenten and Advent activities including collecting for local food banks.? They encouraged everyone to become involved and created a positive experience for the whole school community. ? 

Brother Walfrid was a member of the Marist order, the group who established our school for the educational benefit of the poor.   


Description automatically generated with medium confidenceBrother Walfrid House Leaders have raised funds for SCIAF through various activities, raised awareness of the plight of refugees and packed donation bags for the Refuweegee organization.  The team ran an Easter house raffle and also organised our ‘Walk to Ukraine’ challenge for all members of the St Mungo's Academy community to take part in.  They are also beginning work on our long-term goal of organising 'safe spaces' across school for anyone who needs one, in line with our House charism of charity, inclusivity and being welcoming.