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Family Liaison Officers

Family Liaison Team

Our role is to provide a link between the school and your family, and to support your young people to overcome any barriers to learning and opportunities. We are here to provide support to parents and carers, and to help with any issues that you may have in relation to supporting your children, both at home and in school. We are working to increase parental involvement within school and to encourage families to learn and work together. We are able to provide qualifications, new skills and to signpost to agencies that will be able to provide you with the support you and your family needs. If you have a personal concern or school related issue, then we are here as to listen to you. Any query, large or small, that you may require assistance with, we are here to help.

Parent and Family Learning Opportunities

The Family Liaison Team at St Mungo's Academy offer a wide range of courses and information sessions that can help you and your family to learn new skills. You can attend any sessions you would be interested in – we do have limited space in each session but will be able to run further session if there is a high demand for them. We can also provide some childcare if that would make it easier for you to attend any sessions. Please below for the current opportunities we can offer:

  • Healthy Minds, Healthy Families: Information sessions for parent/carers on mental health issues for children and young people.
  • Healthy Meals, Healthy Families: 8 Family Learning sessions where families can come together and learn to cook healthy, delicious meals
  • Emergency First Aid at Work: A 6 week course to gain an SCQF certificate in Emergency First Aid
  • Food Hygiene: A two day course to get a recognised food hygiene certificate (26th and 29th April, 1pm - 4pm)
  • Numeracy: A 4 week course to get an SCQF certificate in Numeracy and improve your maths skills
  • Manual Handling (Moving and handling objects safely and appropriately): A 2 week course to gain an SCQF certificate in Manual Handling
  • Health and Safety at Work: A 4 week course to get an SCQF certificate in Health and Safety at Work
  • Fire Safety: A 4 week course to get an SCQF certificate in Fire Safety
  • SQA Employability Unit (Starting after Easter Break): Build your confidence and gain an employability qualification
  • English For Speakers of Other Languages: Get a qualification and improve your English language skills
  • Volunteering Opportunities: During the Easter and summer holidays the Family Liaison Team will be running holiday programmes where the young people will take part in lots of activities and trips. We are looking for parents and carers to volunteer at these programmes. Perfect for anyone looking for experience working with young people!

If you would be interested in attending any of these sessions, please get in touch with our colleagues at FARE on 0141 582 0260