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Gold RRS Award

We are delighted to announce that St Mungo's Academy has achieved the highest level of the Unicef Rights Respecting Schools award; we are a GOLD level school. The Unicef assessor was hugely impressed with our work on placing Children's Rights at the heart of what we do. The assessor highlighted a number of key strengths.

  1. It was evident that children's rights are embedded across the school and underpin every facet of school life.
  2. Pupils understand how their rights are connected within school life, to Catholic values, and to their local and global community.
  3. A strong commitment to children's rights from leaders at all levels with training and support for staff.
  4. The caring and nurturing ethos of the school, where the values of dignity and respect are lived and valued by students and their parents/carers.
  5. Strong pupil participation, with students involved in decision-making and leadership in different areas of school life.

This year our Staff and Pupils will be maintaining our commitment to children's rights by focusing on the following areas:

  1. Continue to make rights visible across the curriculum and in projects.
  2. Help young people to become familiar with concepts of dignity and equity, and how these are shown in school life.
  3. Support students to challenge injustice through campaigning on issues related to children's rights. 

For more information on the Rights Respecting Schools Award; 

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