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Ou uniform creates a sense of community and equity in our school environment ensuring our focus is on attainment and achievement. 

EQUITY - Our uniform removes the pressure of deciding what to wear each day and of meeting the expectations of others.  It removes the differences between young people and ensures no one is excluded by what they wear. 

SAFETY - Our uniform helps to ensure the safety of all young people and staff in the school grounds and in the surrounding community.  Young people are easily identified as belonging to St Mungo's Academy. 

CONNECTEDNESS - Our uniform plays a key role in promoting a feeling of belonging and connectedness within our young people.  Young people are more likely to engage in positive behaviours and succeed when they feel connected to their school.  

SUSTAINABILITY - With the increasing cost of living, climate change and constantly changing fashion, school uniform provides a more sustainable option for families, reducing the need to replace these as trends change.  School uniform is designed to last the school year and therefore provide better value for money. 

IDENTITY - Wearing school uniform makes everyone feel like they are working together to achieve a common goal, ensuring young people thrive and achieve their full potential.  


School Uniform Policy



Black Blazer Black Blazer
White Shirt White Blouse
Black 'V' Neck Jumper or Cardigan Black 'V' Neck Jumper or Cardigan

Black DressTrousers

Black Knee Length Skirt

or Dress Trousers

School Tie School Tie
Black Shoes Black Shoes


The school tie is available from the school office and our uniform supplier visits the school on an annual basis.  Our school uniform supplier is BeSchoolwear. 

BE Uniforms

35 Argyle Street
G2 8AH

Tel 0141 221 4472

BeSchoolwear Uniform Supplier

Unacceptable Clothing

There are forms of dress that are unacceptable in school:

  • Leggings or joggers
  • Denim jackets, hooded tops
  • Football colours and team shirts
  • Clothing with slogans or large logos
  • Clothing which risks health and safety e.g. large belts, dangling/hooped earrings, long chains/necklaces
  • Extremely short skirts
  • Any items that could cause offence (such as anti-religious symbolism or political slogans)

Clothing & Footwear Grants

Parents/Carers receiving Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based), Working Tax Credit (with a total annual income of less than £15,860*), Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit  or Universal Credit (where the total income is less than £7,320) will normally be entitled to monetary grants for footwear and clothing for their children. Information and application forms may be obtained from schools and at

PE Kit

It is important that pupils come prepared to learn and for PE this requires appropriate clothing.  All jewellery should be removed.  Pupils who are not participating in PE must have a note or a medical certificate.  Pupils who are unable to participate in practical PE should still bring their kit to allow them to assist in the lesson by refereeing, keeping scores or assisting with the distribution of equipment.  This ensures that they are still able to take part in some way in the work of the class and do not miss out on the knowledge and understanding of the course.