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Fashion and Textile Technology

Fashion and Textile Technology

Levels available -             National 4, National 5

Course Outline National 4 and National 5

This is a practical course and aims to provide the development of techniques and skills required for textile production, retail and the fashion industry. The aims of the course are to enable learners to develop:

•             A range of practical skills and textile construction techniques to plan and make fashion/textile items.

•             Knowledge and understanding of textile properties and characteristics.

•             Understanding a range of factors that influence fashion/textile choices.

•             The ability to set up, adjust and use relevant tools and equipment safely

•             Investigation and evaluation skills.

Lessons will be of a practical nature building organisational techniques and complex sewing skills. You will have to complete a detailed plan, produce and evaluate fashion/textile items in depth. You will learn about textile characteristics and properties, factors that affect fashion choices.

National 4

Pupils must successfully complete the following three units before completing the Added Value Unit:

•             Fashion and Textile Technology: Textile Technologies (National 4)

•             Fashion and Textile Technology: Fashion/Textile Item Development (National 4)

•             Fashion and Textile Technology: Fashion and Textile Choices (National 4)

National 4 Added Value Unit

Pupils are required to produce a straightforward fashion/textile item in response to a given brief by:

•             Carrying out an investigation based on the brief

•             Developing a solution based on the investigation

•             Making the straightforward fashion/textile item, using appropriate textile construction techniques and safe working practices, to an appropriate standard of quality

•             Evaluating the finished fashion/textile item with reference to the brief and solution

National 5

The Course assessment will consist of:

Question Paper – 30 marks

Assignment – 50 marks

Practical Activity – 50 marks

The assignment and practical activity has three stages:

Stage 1: design and plan (assignment)

Stage 2: making the detailed fashion/textile item (practical activity)

Stage 3: evaluation (assignment)


National 4 learners must have previously been successful at Level 3 and, if successful, can possibly progress onto National 5                

National 5 learners must have previously been successful at Level 4 or 5 and obtained level 4 in English & Maths

Assessment Requirements

•             Continuous class and homework assessment

•             Successful completion of internal assessments

•             Completed Added Value Project

•             No final SQA examination           

•             Continuous class and homework assessment

•             SQA Course Examination Question Paper

•             SQA Assignment & Practical Exam

Possible careers              

•             Teaching

•             Fashion Retail

•             Art & Design

•             Fashion Design

•             Fashion Merchandising

•             Textile Manufactuing    

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