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School Clubs

School Clubs 2019-2020

Play Unified

Miss Sullivan/Saad Shakeel

Wednesday lunchtime

P.E Dept

A fun sports club learning about inclusive activity. All pupils welcome.

Lunch Clubs:

S1 Basketball, Monday, Mr Walker 

S1/2 Netball, Tuesday, Mr Walker 

S1/2/3 Netball, Wednesday, Mrs Gilchrist

S1/2 Football, Thursday, Mr Barker 

S1/2 Dodgeball, Friday, Mr Walker 

U14's & Girls Basketball

Precious and Mr Barker

Monday After School


Funky Fabric

Mrs Howitt



G58 Sewing Room

Children's University

Mrs Tracey/Miss Peebles

Wednesday at lunchtime

Mrs Tracey's room GF25/ICT 

You will gain credit for your extra-curricular activities and graduate at the University of Strathclyde.


Mr Barker

Tuesday 3-4



Mr Barker, Miss Ali, Mr Collins, Miss Dornan

Wednesday lunch

Mr Barker’s Science class, 142

S2 Football Training

Mr Barker

Wednesday after school 3-4:30

Crownpoint pitches

S1 Football Thursday

Mr Barker

Thursday after school 3-4:30

Crownpoint pitches

Drama Performance Club

Miss Peebles

Tuesday Lunchtime 

Miss Peebles room G24

You will have the opportunity to create productions for audiences and gain confidence, whilst meeting new people. Open to all year groups.

WOB Club (world of Books)

Miss Peebles and Mrs Glen

Thursday Lunchtime

Miss Peebles room G24

Join a club where you can decide what book we are going to explore and all the fun that comes with it.

Debates Club (S1/2)

Miss Cairney

Monday lunchtimes

Room - GF30

Athletics Club

Mr Meldrum

Thursday After school 3-4pm

PE Department 

Outdoor athletics using Crownpoint Track


Miss Sneddon and Miss Craig

Thursday after school 3-4

PE Department


J Andrew

Thursday 3-4

Music Department 

Choir will be preparing or the Awards Ceremony, Mass and Christmas concert in Terms 1&2

School Show

J Glen and J Andrew

Friday 3-5 running from October

Drama Studio/Stage

Committed performers needed for Final performance in June

Show TBC- But it is gunna be ROCKIN'!

Soul Band

J Andrew

Wednesday Lunch time

Music Department

Open to Singers/Guitarists/Bass Players/ Saxophone players/Trumpets/Trombones/Drummers Grade 3+ 


Music Teachers

Wednesday after school

Music Department

Anyone that gets instrumental lessons must attend

String Group

Mrs Connell- Smith and Ms Marshall

Monday Lunch

Music department

All string players must attend

Samba Band

Mrs Bremaneson

Thursday lunch time

Music department

Lunchtime Cafe 

open to all pupils and staff

anyone can perform drama/song/piece of music

S1-6 musicians can perform

S1-6 Actors can show case parts of scripts

Music Department

Sometimes a small donation will be required to keep teas coffees and buns stocked.

S1 - S3 Friday Film Club

Mrs Glen and Mrs Tracey

Friday after school 3- 4pm

Drama Studio

Come along to watch films related to social subjects covering a whole range of issues. Watch the Blockbusters on the big screen and enjoy some popcorn/juice too. Open to all BGE.

RRSA School Committee

Mrs McGlaughlin

Monday lunchtime


Creative Writing Club

Mrs McGlaughlin

Monday lunchtime


S1-S3 Netball Club

Mrs Gilchrist

Wednesday Lunchtime

PE Dept.

Must have PE kit to participate

S1 Language Club

Mr Speirs, Mr Wright

Tuesday Lunchtime 

Modern Languages room

Info: A club for S1 pupils to teach their own language or learn a new one in an informal environment, while learning about different countries and cultures. 

The partnership team will be running some clubs:

Break Time Blether 

A safe space for young people to come and have a chat and some healthy snacks during their interval

Louise (FLO)/Natalie (FLO)/Michael (MCR)

Every day at interval in the Art Corridor


A safe space for young people to enjoy a healthy lunch and work towards a healthy mind through meditation and breathing techniques.

Natalie (FLO)

Tuesday and Thursday lunch time in the Nurture Base (science)

Film Club

For anyone who is interested in watching and talking about films

Michael Mooney (MCR)

Thursday lunch time in room 202 (RE)