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Art and Design

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Why study Art and Design?

Art and Design features in many aspects of our everyday lives, from the advertising posters we see on our streets to the special effects we see in films. Almost everything we see or touch has been designed to be visually attractive including mobile phones, clothes, cars, buildings and websites.

The skills that you develop in Art and Design are useful in many different careers, such as architecture: interior design, fashion and textiles, graphics, web design and photography.


Art and Design fosters the development of creative skills that equip learners for further artistic study or creative careers. It empowers young people to develop their own unique ideas, thoughts and feelings through the creative process. Art and Design develops lateral thinking skills, problem solving skills and the ability to respond imaginatively to social and cultural contexts. Art and Design encompasses skills in both Expressive and Design techniques.

Levels Available - National 4, 5, Higher and Advanced Higher

Course Outline

National 4 and National 5

The course consists of knowledge, problem solving and practical skills’ development. You will develop practical art and design skills by working through the creative process. You will develop knowledge of artists and designers.

Both presentation levels comprise the same three outcomes;-

  • Expressive folio
  • Within the Expressive folio you will develop skills in drawing, painting, sketching. You will engage in use and application of the Visual Elements shape, line, pattern, colour, texture, tone and form. You will respond to a theme within the context of Portraiture or Still Life.

  • Design folio
  • Within the Design folio you will respond to a Design brief; creating solutions to a range of design issues in a 2D and 3D format. You will develop knowledge and application of design elements including aesthetic, ergonomics, target market and style. You will respond to a theme within the context of Body Adornment, Textiles, Graphics or Fashion Design.

  • Question paper – National 5
  • You will analyse and evaluate works of Art and Design. You will respond critically to artworks and consider the social and cultural factors that influence artists and designers. The exam is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    Or Written Research – National 4

    You will analyse and evaluate works of Art and Design. You will comment on Art movements, influences and inspiration. This is not completed in timed assessment conditions.


    National 4 learners must previously have been successful at National 3. National 5 learners must previously have been successful at National 4 and, if successful can progress on to Higher in S5 or S6

    Assessment Requirements

    •             Continuous practical art and design work in class and accompanying homework

    •             Successful completion of Expressive folio and Design folio

    •             Successful art analysis skills in response to the Question paper (National 5) (1 hour and 30 minutes)

    •             Successful art analysis skills through research of artists and designers (National 4) (not a time controlled assessment)

    Possible Careers             

    •             Architect, Fine Artist , Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer             

    •             Web Designer, Product Design Engineer, Software Designer, Animator       

    •             Illustrator, Textiles designer, Costume Designer, Prop and Set design and production

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