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Parents Evenings

Parents' Evenings to discuss the progress of your young learner are an essential part of our school year.  As a parent or carer, you can make an enormous difference to your child's chances of success in school, at home and in their later life. Working in partnership with your child's school can help them to succeed

Parents' evenings are a chance to discuss how your children are doing in class and in school generally with their teachers. They can help decide how best to work together to support your children's achievement.

Parents' are the first educators for their children and integral to ensuring success in learning. 

We encourage you attend parents' evenings in order to suppofrt you child in their learning journey. 

Our Parents' Evening schedule is as follows:

Monday 6th November - S2 Parents Evening

Monday 20th November - Senior Phase Parents Evening

Monday 4th December - S3 Parents Evening

Monday 18th March - S1 Parents Evening

Appointment sheets and letters are issued to your children in advance of Parents' Evenings and interpreters can be arranged on request. 

We aim to ensure you have opportunity to discuss your childs progress with all teachers on the evening so have ensured that most subject teachers are accommodated in our Street Area.  Below you can see a map of subject location for parents' evenings.