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Enrolment Procedures

Moving from Primary to Glasgow Secondary

We recognise that the move from primary to secondary is a very important event for young people.  We have a close and effective partnership with each of our five partner primary schools.  This ensures that the move from primary to secondary is as smooth as possible for young people.

We welcome families from outwith our area.  Families living outwith the school catchment area are welcome to make a placing request to attend Glasgow Secondary.  Prospective parents are welcome to visit the school and should contact the school office.

Further information is available on

If you live in our catchment area and wish to enrol your child please contact the school office to provide contact details or complete the attached form and email it to the school.  A member of school staff will then contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss enrolment.  At this time you will need to provide proof of address.  

Enrolment Form

If you are newly arrived in Scotland you can complete the same form but will also need to provide: 

  • Passports for yourself and your child(ren) or immigration documents/Home Office letter 
  • Proof of Glasgow address
  • Birth certificate for your child(ren) establishing you as parent/carer
  • For asylum seeker applicants, a letter from the Home Office is required if no other documents are available