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Hospitality: Practical Cookery

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Why study Hospitality: Practical Cookery?

Healthy, tasty food is crucial to our wellbeing. The course will suit you if you love food and cooking and want to develop your skills in this area.

Being able to cook for yourself and others is a valuable life skill and can lead to a range of careers, including working in hotels and restaurants, the health sector and the food industry.

Hospitality is a huge expanding industry and there are many different areas and opportunities within the hospitality industry

  • Levels available-              National 4, National 5

    Course Outline National 4 and National 5

    The course, which is practical and experiential in nature, develops a range of cookery skills and food preparation techniques, as well as planning, organisational and time management skills, in hospitality-related contexts. Through its emphasis on safety and hygiene, it will ingrain in learners the ability to follow safe and hygienic practices in all cookery contexts. It also develops the thinking skills of understanding, applying, analysing and evaluating, aspects of numeracy and skills supporting physical wellbeing.

    The Scottish catering and hospitality industries are large, vibrant and growing, collectively employing a significant proportion of the nation’s workforce. Throughout Scotland, employers have been unanimous in their calls for well-educated and skilled workers capable of further professional development, and this qualification in Practical Cookery aims to answer this calls.

    The main purpose of this course is to develop learners’ practical cookery skills and their knowledge and understanding of ingredients and to provide a set of skills for those who wish to progress to professional hospitality courses or work.

    The course makes an important contribution to general education through developing a range of essential skills regardless of the career path they choose. Its contribution to vocational education is just as significant because it opens up progression to a range of careers in the catering and hospitality industries. It also supports the wider curriculum through developing learners’ awareness of the importance of responsible sourcing of ingredients and sustainability.

     All necessary equipment will be provided within the school. Learners will, however, be expected to come to school prepared with a container to take food home in.

    This course is designed for those who are interested in food and cooking and who enjoy being creative with food. Learners who have chosen to follow it may wish to utilise their cookery knowledge and skills at home, in the wider community, or ultimately, in employment.

    This course opens up a range of progression routes – to further education, including other NQs, Skills for Work, SVQs, HNCs and ultimately, degrees in hospitality related subjects. It may also lead to employment and/or training in the hospitality and catering sector.

    Topics covered include :-

    •             Food Hygiene & Safety

    •             Food Sustainability

    •             Food Costings

    •             Cookery Skills, Techniques & Processes

    •             Current Dietary Advice

    •             Understanding & Using Ingredients


    National 4 learners must have previously been successful at Level 3 and if successful, can possibly progress onto National 5                

    National 5 learners must have previously been successful at Level 4 or 5 and obtained level 4 in English & Maths

    Assessment Requiremens

    •             Continuous class and homework assessment

    •             Successful completion of internal assessments (indicative dates: ***)

    •             Completed Added Value Project

    •             No final SQA examination           

    •             Continuous class and homework assessment

    •             SQA Course Examination Question Paper

    •             SQA Assignment & Practical Exam

    Possible careers

    •             Home Economics Teacher

    •             Food Product Development

    •             Food Journalist

    •             Hotel Management       

    •             Events planner

    •             Executive chef

    •             Marketing/Sales/Media

    •             Food/Beverage/Catering Manager         

    •             Hotel Operational Manager

    •             Human Resource Management

    •             Waiter/Waitress

    •             Housekeeping/Concierge

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