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ESOL 2015

At St Mungo’s Academy we have created a forum for Parents and carers of EAL students. The aim of this forum is to help Parents and Carers engage in their children’s education and become confident and effective partners with school.

EAL Parents’ Forum and Family Learning

Last year, we have organised a number of successful meetings and workshops which covered key areas, from the Scottish education system, school and staff roles to GIRFEC and Parents role within it.

These classes will facilitate the communication between Parents, school and other relevant services, and meet parents’ needs in term of Literacy, numeracy and wellbeing.

This year, we have planned English classes for those parents whose language level could be a barrier for them to engage with school or to help their children at home. As a result, Parents and carers will be supported to actively and meaningfully engage in their children’s learning and life at school, and staff will be able to work with them to reduce potential barriers.