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Newsletter December 2015


St Mungo’s Newsletter    
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Issue 20 December 2015
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The purpose of our website is to celebrate the success and achievements of our pupils and to provide pupils, parents, carers and partners of St Mungo’s Academy with the news and information they need in a form that is easy to read and interesting.
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School Mini Bus
Parents and carers - please consider the safety of our pupils when you collect or drop off your child at school.  The mini bus parking bay and its surrounding area must be kept clear.  This is to allow the pupils unrestricted access to the bus .We hope to have this designated area painted with double yellow lines soon. Thank you for your support and understanding
School Mass
Father Liam extends a warm invitation to pupils to join him as he conducts Mass in the School Oratory at 8.30 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All pupil absences (sickness, doctor’s appointments etc.) should be reported to the Absence Line 0141 287 0039 (not to the school)
S1 Clubs
The Funky Fabric lunchtime clubfor S1 continues to be a big hit and the group are busy fabric painting, tie dying and using the sewing machine to make cushions and small bags.
The S1 Cup Cake Clubis also well attended and the young people have been taking great delight in making a variety of cupcakes (not sure if any of the cakes get as far as home though).
 Wider Achievement
Our young people in S4 attend Kelvin College on a Monday afternoon. This is an excellent opportunity to achieve different qualifications from that offered in school, develop new skills and experience what college is like. Courses include:
·         Photography
·         Computer Games Development
·         Childcare
·         Construction
·         Health and Social Care
·         Healthy Eating
·         Hairdressing
 Hospitality Nat 5     Culinary Excellence 2015
In October our Culinary Excellence pupils made a very early morning vist to Glasgow’s Blochairn Fruit, Vegetable and Fish Market. The 5.45am start meant they could see the market in full swing and learn all about the fresh produce and where it comes from before it ends up on your plate. A very worthwhile and informative visit. Their early morning rise was rewarded with a visit to Mar Hall in December to enjoy Hospitality at its best.
National 5 Practical Cake Craft
Our senior Practical Cake Craft pupils have been busy designing and making a variety of Halloween Cakes. This is an opportunity for the pupils to showcase some of the practical techniques they have been learning and as you can see from some examples below they have set the standard very high.  
Support for Learning: Parent/Carer Support Forums
Last week saw another very successful meeting for parents/carers of our bi-lingual pupils. Mr Latif is leading a pilot of these meetings with parents/carers of young people taking part in our ESOL classes, with a view to extending the meetings to more parents/carers in the future. The meeting was well attended and feedback from participants was very positive.
We are also continuing to build on the success of our ASD Parent/Carer support forum. Our last meeting was on 25th November. These meetings provide a relaxed opportunity for parents/carers of our young people with ASD to meet, chat and exchange information and experiences. We highlight supports that we as a school provide, what’s available in the city, and in the local community.  We also invite in outside speakers to address issues that parents/carers raise – the forums are very much driven by the participants.
Meeting dates:  24th February and 25th May.
  The EAL parents a carer’s forum
Parents and Carers’ Forum
The Forum is a partnership project. It is designed for Parents and Carers of Young People with EAL who study ESOL. The aim is to empower them with necessary information about the Education system and school’s role within it. We want to involve them in their child’s education and enable him/her to become a successful learner, confident individual, responsible citizen and effective contributor. We also aim that Parents and Carers understand the extent of their entitlement as school Partners. The Forum is going to expand to involve all Parents and Carers of children with EAL.
Forum Meetings
So far, we have run three meetings with Parents and Carers. We have covered all necessary information; from the Scottish Education system to the role of each department in school. During the third meeting we invited colleagues to explain further the relevance of some key departments like R.E, Pastoral Care, EAL services, ESOL, the Skills Development Officer and the Education Liaison
Higher Business Management Class Hit the Streets of London
By Conor Pritchard & Laura McGeorge S6
Our early start of 5am was well worth it as we arrived in London at 9am for our whirlwind two day trip in London. Our whole class was so excited to be travelling to London as we had an extremely exciting two days planned and our Itinerary was action-packed. Our first stop in London was breakfast! When we were all slightly
more awake we headed for the first (of many) train journeys of the day and we headed towards Notting Hill for a tour of the Marketing and Branding Museum.
We arrived at the museum and jumped straight into the tour. The place was full of vintage products and advertising material dating back all the way to the Victoria era. This was so interesting to us as we got to see how brands and products have changed throughout the years and we got to see the products that are still sold today and how the products and packaging have evolved over time. We did various worksheets and activities during the tour and answered questions on which products have changed the most and what products were relevant for the era and how products and brands today have changed.
A bit tired we headed on another train over to our hotel at the Docklands where we checked in and got changed before heading out for dinner and shopping in Central London! We all had great fun going round the shops, seeing all the Christmas goodies and the twinkling lights of Oxford Street! We were surprised to see how different advertising was in London and the large billboards with big and bright adverts.
We went to the most amazing burger place near the BBC Studios called Byron Hamburgers who incidentally are opening in Glasgow’s West End next Spring – we can highly recommend you visit this restaurant and try their Oreo Milkshakes and Chocolate Brownies! This is where we met Archie McGoldrick’s brother Callum, the BBC Marketing Executive who had arranged the BBC tour for us. We all had dinner together and heard about Callum and his work in the media and his journey from school to his current job with the BBC. On our way back to the hotel we headed over to the BBC and saw the building with its night-time lights on and what it looks like with no people around before our visit tomorrow, then it was back to the hotel for us for another early morning start!
The next day we were up early, had breakfast and then we travelled on a very busy train during rush-hour traffic with people heading to their work! We made our way back into Central London for our tour of the BBC studios. The building is so amazing! It is a huge building with more than one building put together - old and new parts. We went around the building on an internal tour and as official visitors (with our special BBC visitor passes!) we got to see areas of the building that weren’t typically part of the tour! We got to see the News Studio, the Broadcasting Studios and even got to sit on the sofa from the One Show as well as be inside the Radio Theatre! We then got the chance to see some of the BBC One upcoming advertisements and how they are made and we even got to take some selfies with “Sprout Boy” from the new BBC One Christmas advert!
Overall we had the most amazing two days and we were so sad we had to come home! Thank you to Miss Halliday and Mr Kay for taking us and a big thanks to Callum for allowing us to come on the tour!! J