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Personal and Supported Study

Personal and Supported Study
Personal study

In S3 and Senior Phase (S4-6), there is a responsibility on you to undertake your own personal study. This is studying that is beyond homework tasks and assignments. You should use a study plan to help you organise your time around studying, try to do short bursts of studying (20-30 minutes) with 5-10 minute breaks in between. There is a whole range of revision techniques you can use within your subjects for example:

•             Flash Cards

•             Mnemonics and Acronyms

•             Mind Maps

If you are struggling to study for a particular subject, approach your teacher for advice on the best way to revise for their subject.

Supported Study

As you enter your Senior Phase there will be a range of opportunities for you to undertake to help you succeed in your exams. The extensive Supported Study and Masterclass programme runs September-November and January-April every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. This is an opportunity for you to further your knowledge, ask questions and develop skills prior to your SQA exams. More details are published in school throughout the year.

Before attending a Supported Study session you should:

•             Make sure you know your strengths and areas for development in your subjects.

•             Come prepared with questions to ask your teacher.

•             Bring along your revision notes and class notes.

•             Bring your growth mindset.