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Breakfast Club

Magic breakfast

St Mungo’s Academy is proud to be in partnership with Magic Breakfast, providing healthy breakfasts to our pupils so that they are settled and ready to learn.

Magic Breakfast provides St Mungo’s Academy with nutritious breakfast food to ensure our young people start their school day in the best possible way. Breakfast gives our young people the energy needed for the busy school morning, enabling them to focus on their lessons.

Here at St Mungo’s Academy we are committed to providing the best possible start to every young person’s day by providing different forms of breakfast club provision.  St Mungo’s Academy Magic Breakfast Offer:

  • Breakfast Club                                                                                           Monday – Friday

Brief Description: Breakfast bagels and cereal will be provided every morning for all pupils who want it. PEEK will also run activity sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Venue: Street Area – St Mungo’s Academy

Time: 8-8.45am        

  • Study Breakfast                                                                                            Monday- Friday

Brief Description: Designed for all senior phase pupils to use as a study space with access to breakfast. This will be a quiet space for all who want it.

Venue: The nurture room – St Mungo’s Academy

Time: 8-8.45am

  • Bagel Bar                                                                                                      Monday-Friday

Brief Description: Bagels will be provided at interval for all pupils who want it via a bagel bar or break time clubs.

Venue: Street area

Time: 10.35-10.50am

  • Bespoke Breakfast

Brief Description: During class times there will be breakfast provided for targeted young people. Groups such as nurture groups, transition classes and groupwork sessions will be offered breakfast.

There will also be a fruit basket available for all pupils who come in late to school at the main office.


For more information on the Magic Breakfast please contact Pauline Wilson or the school Office on 0141 582 0261