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My World of Work

Skills Development Scotland in St Mungo’s Academy

Stuart Bauld & Maureen Louise Campbell

We are professional Careers Advisers employed by Skills Development Scotland but based in St Mungo’s Academy to support your young person to identify and develop Career Management Skills. These skills will help to ensure your young person is a successful career planner in school and throughout their lives.

We offer Careers Information, Advice and Guidance in St Mungo’s Academy via a coaching approach for S3 – S6 Pupils which can involve 1-2-1 Interviews, Group Sessions and drop-in sessions. S1 – S2 pupils will have groups sessions and can drop-in at lunchtimes if they have any careers related questions.

We also have a local Careers centre based in Westmuir St where St Mungo’s leavers can continue to have access to our services and be supported into a positive destination.

The following video provides a guide to our service:

My World of Work

To support our face to face offer we have an award-winning career information and advice web service which can support you and your young person with useful tools and information. The following link is specifically aimed at parents:

The web service contains a subject choice tool which is a good first step for your young person to start exploring the link between the subjects they intend to study and potential opportunities in the World of Work: