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Campus Police Officer

 Campus Officer (PC Carol)

As you may all know I have recently been appointed as the new Campus Police Officer for St Mungo’s Academy. Within my role as campus officer I will be interacting with pupils and teachers on a daily basis. The main aim of my role is to support the young people of St Mungo’s Academy and their families. In doing so, I am hoping to become a positive role model to the pupils and help them develop respect for themselves, fellow pupils and the community. I will be looking to provide a safe environment for the pupils and teachers to work and learn. Another aspect of my job here, with support from the school, will be to provide inputs to classes that may be relevant to tackling different types of behaviour within school and the local community such as bullying, anti-social behaviour, physical violence, substance misuse and gang activity. To build positive relationships with the pupils, I will be working alongside school staff and will often be involved in conversations or meetings with staff and pupils. My hope is that this provides a police view of certain situations to help promote positive choices and behaviours. This may involve having informal chats with the pupils to help understand situations, or to offer a perspective on the consequences of certain actions, or even to provide information for the purpose of education and early intervention. As with the other partners within the school, I am here to provide an additional support and will provide as much assistance as I can to the pupils and access further help if required.